As a business, property owner, or citizen in downtown Kingston, you are part of a community. Businesses and organizations locate here because of the creative dynamic that flourishes within these few blocks on Kingston’s waterfront. With the continuous growth of the neighborhood, there has never been a better time to join our membership of restaurants, retailers, businesses and local property owners.

KWBA is a (501c6) non-profit and 100% of membership dues are an investment in your
neighborhood. Your dues enable KWBA’s marketing and promotional efforts on behalf of the district, as well as work in the beautification, maintenance and programming of the Waterfront and lower Broadway corridor.

KWBA works to enhance our commercial and public spaces to increase the desirability of the
area for the community to gather and enjoy our neighborhood. It’s a proven fact that the longer patrons stay in any given environment, the more money is spent in that environment.

The KWBA’s efforts to provide a vibrant area for shoppers to engage affects your bottom line and the entire area’s continued economic development.

Click here to learn about KWBA’s 2015 community efforts (PDF)

Click here to learn about KWBA membership benefits (PDF)

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